I'd Like To Take The Time To Love Your Body

serenitavita said: and you're probably gonna be like she is a hater but I'm really not i just felt i had to speak my mind and then you're probably gonna say then unfollow me if you don't get it. Thats why I already did

Hahahahah, only just answered your first message. And from reading your second message it’s clear you really think you know people.
Why would I tell you to unfollow me? Lol.
You’re entitled to your opinion love, just don’t insinuate things :)

serenitavita said: It really isn't b

You the lovely anon?


20. October 2014

So a picture of my ass is bothering people. Come of anon and say what’s on your mind boo :)

Black and white is life πŸ”²